Take back your life. Today!

Ready to kick your Opioid Addiction? Need help to manage the withdrawl symptoms? Do not have insurance or can not afford medication assisted treatment. We are here to help!

Recovery from addiction is attainable and sustainable with the right support and services in place. There are many paths to recovery. Early identification and intervention, peer support, mutual aid, outreach and engagement, specialized treatment, relapse prevention and continuing care are all key factors. People in long-term recovery lead rewarding, fulfilling lives free from the harms of opiates.

Complete Recovery Florida is dedicated to helping you reclaim your life, while treating you with respect and dignity. Patients are provided treatment and support services on a case by case basis and must show evidence that they cannot afford to access treatment due to financial cost/burden. Patients admitted into the program will be provided medication assisted treatment and support services at little or no cost.

You matter and we are here to support your efforts to face your addiction.

A Glance At The Opioid Addiction Problem in Florida
  • In 2015, 7,293 Floridians died from opioids, a 21 percent increase from 2014, when 6,011 died, according to the Florida Medical Examiners Association.

  • 6 out of 10 drug overdoses were attributed to opioid abuse.

  • 2 million American abuse or are addicted to opiods.

Available Treatment &  Support Services

  • Nutrition education

  • Wrap around support services 

  • Tele-health (Distance Treatment Option) Coming Soon.

  • Medical Assistant Treatment offered by out partner Doctor Detox