Complete Recovery Florida was founded in 2017 to help address the opiate crisis in our community. A federally registered nonprofit program, Complete Recovery Florida’s mission is to provide No or Low cost treatment and wraparound services such as counseling, life coaching, and nutrition to those abusing or addicted to opiates. 


Complete Recovery Florida, provides patients with an alternative to residential and rehab center treatment programs or methadone clinics. Presently services are provided in Hillsborough County (Brandon/Tampa) and Pinellas County (Clearwater). An additional location will be opened in Manatee County (Bradenton) in April 2019 with telehealth to under-served, rural areas in Florida being initiated in 2020.

  • Counseling, life coach, nutritionist, and other wrap around services are throughout the entire length of the program.

Understanding  there are many factors that lead to an opiate addiction, Complete Recovery Florida and out partner Doctor Detox work together to create an individualized treatment plan, with support services identified for each patient. The goal is to reduce the level of medicine being administered, to a point where the person no longer needs that form of treatment and eventually graduates from the program, opiate free. The treatment process is different for each individual.

Mental health counselling and support groups are offered by counselors. Our goal is to address the many factors that lead to addiction and offer counseling and other resources to break down barriers and provide solutions to issues which could hinder our patient’s progress toward recovery.  Whether it be a counselling session on the choices we make, guidance for a proper diet or a resource for affordable housing, our staff is well-equipped, confident and driven to make a difference in the lives of our patients.



My name is Jessica.  When I began Opiate Treatment two years ago, I was in a dark place in my life.  I was a waitress at a Gentleman's Club, dating the Manager, who was abusive.  Two short months after, I found out I was expecting.  I was totally terrified.  A friend told me about Doctor Detox  and the staff were lifesavers;  taking care of my unborn child and I. 


The support I received while in Doctor Detox care was unprecedented. Unfortunately, I had to obtain a restraining order against my abuser and Doctor Detox backed my case and provided all the documentation to show my compliance, progress and continued success.

Now, about years later, I went from owning the clothes on my back, while eight months pregnant, with no job and nowhere to live- to owning a brand new car, fully loaded.  My FICO score went from the low 400's to high 600's.  I am in the market to buy my first home and have recently invested in an online boutique business, which has quickly taken off.

Most importantly, I have full custody of my child and I am not the same person I use to be.  Doctor Detox has changed my life 180*