Counseling and Life Coach 

Mental health counselling and support groups are offered by licensed counselors. Our goal is to address the many factors that lead to addiction and offer counseling and other resources to break down barriers and provide solutions to issues which could hinder our patient’s progress toward recovery.  Whether it be a counselling session on the choices we make, guidance for a proper diet or a resource for affordable housing, our staff is well-equipped, confident and driven to make a difference in the lives of our patients.


Eating the right foods and insuring proper nutrition is vital for those seeking medicine assisted treatment for addiction to opiates. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will insure that you eating as healthy as possible.


Medication Assisted Treatment

 Through Complete Recovery Florida and our partner Doctor Detox, we offer our  patients with an alternative to residential and rehab center treatment programs or methadone clinics. Convenient loactions in Hillsborough County (Brandon/Tampa) and Pinellas County (Clearwater). An additional site will be opened in Manatee County (Bradenton) in early 2019, with telehealth to under-served, rural areas in Florida being initiated in 2020. However, patients travel from throughout Florida to access the medicine assisted treatment

Understanding  there are many factors that lead to an individual becoming addicted to opiates, Complete Recovery Florida creates individualized treatment plan, with support services identified for each patient. While some outpatient opiate treatment programs require patients to maintain or increase the level of the medicine prescribed to the patient, the goal of Complete Recovery Florida is over a time period to reduce the level of medicine being administered, to a point where the person no longer needs that form of treatment and eventually graduates from the program opiate free. The treatment process is different for each individual.

Treatment Procedure:

  • ·        DAY 1 - Initial visit with the Doctor, Drug Screen, Introduction                           to counselor, and medication for 7 days.  Medical                                     office and counselor contact information provided                                   for additional assistance in between all                                                       appointments

  •          DAY 7 - Follow up visit with the Doctor, Drug Screen, first                                   counseling session, and mediation for 7 days.                                           Medical evaluation and medication adjustments                                       made. Counselling includes assessment for                                               additional services

  •          DAY 14 - Follow up with Doctor, Drug Screen, second                                          counseling session, and  medications for 14 days

  •          DAY 28 - Follow up with Doctor, Drug Screen, counseling                                   session, and medication for 14 days .Additional                                       wrap around services scheduled or referred                                             (medical, nutritional, financial, etc.)

·              DAY 42 – Follow up with Doctor, Drug Screen, counseling                                          session, monthly appointments begin with                                                        compliance to the treatment program.

Outpatient medical assistant  treatment services are provided through collaboration with Doctor Detox, a company with an 8 year proven track record of success with providing medicine assisted treatment to those struggling with opiate addiction.

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My name is Tracia.  I went to school and received my Nursing Certificate and shortly after that, I began working as an RN.  Everything was going well.  After several years, I started having abdominal pain.  After getting myself checked out, I was told that I needed a Hysterectomy.  Unfortunately, after the surgery, there were complications.  I experienced severe, unbarable pain.  I was prescribed Percocet to help manage it.  Before I knew it, I was taking 15-20 Percocets a day, as well as Hydrocodone.  I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia-which made matters worse.

After years of going through Opiate Dependency, my life, my relationships, my marriage was quickly going down the drain.  One day, I woke up and decided I'd had enough AND needed help.

I found Doctor Detox and started Medication Assisted Treatment, using Suboxone.  It completely changed my life, for the better.  The cravings stopped and I began to feel normal again.

The staff were amazing.  They were compassionate and never once made me feel like a drug addict.  I am thankful for this medication, but more thankful for the doctors and staff who treated me with dignity and respect.


Support Services

My name is Jack and I am a Veteran of the Armed Forces.  I grew up in a small town in Iowa.  We lived on the farm that my dad worked.  My mother took care of my sister and brother.  She was  a stay at home mom.  After graduation, I found my life very boring and decided to join the Army.  Shortly after bootcamp, I was deployed to Afghanistan, where I was a Medic.  While in country, we engaged th enemy numerous times, throughout my tour;  where I saw my friends get maimed or killed; either getting ambushed or stepping on mines.  No harm came to me, but the things I heard and saw, affected me deeply.  After my tour was over, I was deployed stateside and moved to Florida.

I had a hard time adjusting to my life.  I couldn't shake the things that I had heard and saw in Afghanistan.  Eventually, I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

While at a party, a friend turned me on to pain pills; that I could get really high and I'd dig it.  So I started taking these things and knew I could stop whenever I wanted to....but, I quickly realized that by stop taking the pills, it would put me into a severe withdrawal.  My life was spiriling out of control.  I didn't have a job.

One day, I meet a nice lady on the city transit bus.  We started talking and it turned out that she had an addiction as well.  And that's when she told me about Suboxone.  And how it completely changed her life, once she got on the medication.  That's when she told me about AnewU.

So, I decided I wanted to get my life back and made an appointment.  The first time I went there, I felt no judgement.  The staff is FOR you;  the doctors actually listen to you.  I've been on this treatment plan for 2 years now and I have put my life back together piece by piece because of this program.